Solution for Whoops, that's an error! (bX-ivg2ek)? Blogger Error

Solution for Whoops, that's an error! (bX-ivg2ek)? Blogger ErrorHere's what you can do:Try reloading the page, Find other solutions, If you need further help, you can report a problem and visit our support forum .

Third party domain settings
http:// [ .................................. ]
Enter the domain which your blog will be hosted at.
Your domain must be properly registered first. View settings instructions.
Use a missing files host?

Solution for Whoops, that's an error! (bX-ivg2ek)? Blogger Error

Fix "bx" errors and other problems If you see an error in Blogger, like “bx-w7tr63” or similar, try these steps.

Refresh the page.
Use a different browser. If you use Internet Explorer, turn off compatibility mode.
Clear your browser's cache and cookies.
Open a private browsing window. If Blogger opens correctly, remove your extensions or plugins.
Search for your issue or post in the Blogger forum.
Note: If you see the error while saving changes in your theme or gadget, check your code for errors.

Other problems
If you have other problems and the above steps don’t work, look for your issue below for more troubleshooting.

If you specify a missing files host, Blogger will look there if it cannot find a specified file on your regular domain. Learn more Please visti this page link for solution

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